• Get your business online fast
  • No coding or technical skills required
  • Ready-to-edit templates help you succeed
  • Publish updates yourself
  • Broad social media integration enables participation
No web design knowledge is needed,
it's all 'Point and Click'

Site Builder Features

The online website generator enables you to make a website in a matter of minutes. Select a template, buttons, flash effects and much more through the web based administration interface. Selections and changes you make, become effective immediately, without the need to upload or download. This is available free with all Linux Web Hosting packages.

  • Easy-to-Use Design Tools Make edits right on your website and drag blocks of content around the screen with a powerful, intuitive editor. Easily customize site layouts, sidebars, colors, fonts, backgrounds, borders, and images the way you want.
  • Optimised for Mobile Devices Don’t disappoint your mobile visitors! Websites published using Web Presence Builder automatically adapt for phone and tablet displays, so you look good!
  • Industry Specific Templates Start near the finish line with ready-to-use website templates pre-built with relevant text, graphics and site structures for over 100 types of businesses and organizations. Select. Edit. Publish. You can also design your own templates, and share them.
  • Social Media Integrated Add social sharing and enable your visitors to like, share and tweet your content on hundreds of social networking sites. Copy your website to Facebook with one click and keep your fans updated.
  • Blogging and Commenting Drag-and-drop the blog module onto your website, and become the next Internet sensation. Add Disqus –the world’s favorite discussion platform – and you can drive user engagement and website traffic, and keep your website fresh and changing.
  • Support for Scripting Add your own HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Flash or VBScript to customize your website. Copy code from any web service, into the code module and enjoy the possibilities.
  • Sell All The Time! Add a fully integrated ECWID e-commerce store and shopping bag to your website and you can sell, ship and get paid for your products and services, 24/7.
  • Display Ads for Cash Advertising networks actually want to rent advertising space on your website and pay you for clicks. Paste their code snippet into the Advertisement module and watch your website light up.